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THANK YOU, dear Sophie. We can't tell you often enough. Thank you for accompanying and supporting us on our journey and on our day and for making our wedding such an unforgettable, wonderful celebration. Immediately after our engagement in November 2020 we came across Sophie and fell in love immediately after the first conversation. We were unsure whether a wedding would even be possible in 2021, despite the current exceptional situation, and we were also unsure whether we would be able to implement our wishes and ideas in the short 9 months that would be left before the set date. We have a small, magical daughter, our own company and so we have a lot on our plate every day. Dear Sophie took us by the hand right from the start with so much plan, know-how and true talent for exactly what she does and thus gifted us with our dream wedding in August 2021. She had all the timings in mind at all times and reminded us over and over again at the right time, set impulses and arranged the necessary appointments. During our wedding preparations, we were able to concentrate on the beautiful things with full devotion, while Sophie had our backs free. Thanks to Sophie, we not only had a stress-free planning phase, but also the very best service providers, the most beautiful location and a perfect process on the wedding day itself, which we didn't have to worry about once. Organizing such a detailed and elaborate wedding in such a short time, not forgetting anything at all and not letting the bridal couple get stressed, means absolute professionalism and skill. We definitely couldn't have experienced our wedding without Sophie.


                                                                                  - Munster, August 14, 2021

 Jana & Leon

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