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Wedding of Farina x Tobias - 21. Oktober 2023-690.jpg

                                                                                                                                                     - Mallorca, Oktober 2023

Dear Sophie,  

It would still have been jot jejange! Op kölsch is the best way to describe the situation last summer in the middle of the planning peak. In addition to the uncertainty regarding Corona, the flooding has fundamentally thwarted our plans. One can almost say how lucky it was. You showed us once again how professionally you pursue your passion and get the best out of your couples!

But let's start at the beginning. We got to know you right away for the new year 2021 and from the very first moment we had the feeling that the wedding would be perfect. Your warm nature, the ease and the self-confidence that you radiate have encouraged us to walk this path together with you. So the mission "Tiny Winter Wedding" could start! The date was found quickly, the first locations were visited together, you suggested the first service providers to us, the decoration concept was in place, the invitations were ready and then the event in summer described above. Everything was back to square one and we were all the happier to have had you by our side. You made the impossible possible for us! So the planning went on and the hot phase began. The last service providers were booked, the final details discussed with each individual and we were ready for our big day. The smile on our face when entering the hall cannot be described. The tears of joy all the more because we realized what kind of work you had to do to make us happy and that this has now come to an end. The year went by so quickly, the wedding is over, but our paths will not part!

Every bridal couple who is looking for a wedding planner must seriously deal with Sophie and can be recommended wholeheartedly. She is simply a heart person, puts her heart and soul into every bridal couple and you can tell that she loves what she does. She became a good friend to us from a service provider and therefore our wedding day would not have been as wonderful without her!

Thank you for everything!

Anna & Daniel 

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